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Anti-Graffiti & Soiling Protection

Naturacoat SC 20

Naturacoat SC 20 Anti-Graffiti & Soiling Protection

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Naturacoat SC 20 is a completely reversible protection system against graffiti and other soiling, as well as airborne contamination (CO₂, soot, etc.) for facades and walls both indoors and outdoors without limiting vapor permeability. Naturacoat SC 20 is comprised of PSS (polysaccharide solution) and water, meaning that it is absolutely harmless to animal life and the environment. Naturacoat SC 20 has zero VOCs. Naturacoat SC 20 is sprayed on to the wall, typically in two or more coats with an airless spray gun, where upon drying it forms an extremely thin protective film. It is normally invisible to the naked eye and is fully breathable. Naturacoat SC 20 is best when applied by a skilled tradesman.

Naturacoat SC 20 Clear is the version of Naturacoat SC 20 and is ideal for high gloss substrates and surfaces such as glass, plastic and signage where unimpeded visibility is required.

Naturacoat SC 20 can be applied to all substrates. For absorbent substrates, Naturacoat SC 20 can be applied directly to the substrate. For water repellent and non-absorbent substrates, it may be necessary to pre-treat the substrate with Naturacoat SC 20 Primer. Naturacoat SC 20 is not to be used on any walking surfaces (when wet, a substrate treated with Naturacoat SC 20 will be extremely slick). Naturacoat SC 20 protects many important structures and monuments worldwide with a variety of substrates including all kinds of natural and artificial stone, concrete, brick, aluminum and other metal surfaces, glass and plexiglass, stucco as well as facades coated with mineral paints.

Naturacoat SC 20 is available in 1L, 5L and 25L sizes (5L is shown above). Naturacoat SC 20 Clear is available in 1L and 5L sizes.