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Renosil Coarse - White

Renosil Coarse - White

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BEECK Renosil Coarse White is available in 1 Gallon, 4 Gallon and 1 Quart (32oz) sizes. BEECK Renosil is also available in all of our 200 standard colors and custom color matching is available - Please contact us for pricing.
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Renosil Coarse is recommended only as a first and/or intermediate coat. Renosil Fine should always be used for the finish coat.

BEECK Renosil is a single component, solvent-free and water-thinnable silicate paint system using a potassium silicate (water glass) binder. Renosil is a colorfast/non-fading, UV stable, silicate-based, breathable renovation paint/coating for refreshing or renewing and re-mineralizing raw surfaces or surfaces previously coated with water based synthetic resin coatings as well as renewing or finishing external thermal insulation façade systems. Renosil is ideal for restoration and renovation of historic structures because of its unique handcrafted quality, period correct formulation, durability, and its physical properties which fit the building physics characteristics of historic structures.

Renosil Technical Data Sheet: CLICK HERE FOR PDF

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