Your Specialists for Mineral Silicate Paints

BEECK Mineral Silicate paints and coatings for masonry, concrete, stucco, Brick and plaster

High quality mineral paints for more than 120 years


BEECK Mineral Paints is a US owned company specializing in high quality affordable mineral silicate paints for Historic as well as Modern structures. BEECK Mineral Silicate Paints deliver:

  • Easy to Use - BEECK Renosil can be thinned with water and applied like any other paint.

  • Long life cycles - BEECK Paints Last for decades, lowering the cost of maintaining structures.

  • High breathability - Ultra-high vapor permeability of BEECK Paints keeps walls dry, preventing internal degradation caused by damp conditions, allowing Historic and modern walls, brick and masonry walls, retaining walls, foundation walls, concrete, stucco/render, limestone, sandstone and other structures to breathe as intended.

  • Non-fading and UV-stable - BEECK Paints maintain color integrity, surfaces stay fresh and attractive.

  • Non-peeling - BEECK Paints chemically bond to the substrate, extremely durable and never requires the stripping or removal of old coatings when it is time to repaint.

Ideal application areas for BEECK Mineral Silicate Paints and Stains include: Stucco, Concrete, Brick, Precast and Cast in place panels, Lime plasters, Natural Earthen plasters, CMU, Terracotta, Stone, EFIS refinishing, Cement wall boards, GFRC and all other types of masonry or mineral wall systems.

BEECK Potassium Silicate Paints and Stains are widely sought after for both exterior as well as interior surfaces due to their high vapor permeability and outstanding durability in the harshest environments.