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Mineral Silicate paints

BEECK Silicate Paint – Purely Mineral

BEECK Silicate paints are the high-quality and professional coating materials of choice when it comes to sustainable, ecological and colorfast exterior and interior coatings. Unlike the usual coating materials, silicate paint does not form a film on the substrate but instead bonds directly with the substrate. The result is natural looking mineral finish that is highly stable, lightfast, long-lasting, extremely breathable, durable coatings with unmatched color stability.

Specialist for mineral wall coatings
Specialized in the production of silicate paints, BEECK offers a wide range of mineral paints in 200 standard colors. The special properties achieved by silicate paints offer building preservation and design professionals diverse possibilities for exterior color design in restoration of historical building materials as well as for new building work. Silicate paints are also the economic and durable alternative to conventional color coatings for interiors. The permanent capillary-active bonding with the substrate, the low resistance to water vapor diffusion (high breathability) compliments the extreme long life of the silicate mineral paints resulting in a colorfast natural aesthetic coating that lasts for decades.


BEECK Renosil is an easy to use water-thinnable, next generation universal single component silicate paint system for renovation or new projects that have a variety of surface conditions. Can be used on previously painted and raw unpainted exterior surfaces, as well as any surface compatible with mineral paints. As it does not require any special dilution or thinner, Renosil is quickly becoming the go-to product for many applicators.


BEECK Beecko-SOL is a traditional Sol-silicate exterior or interior paint for use on all synthetic resin coated (previously painted) or raw uncoated brick, masonry, concrete or other mineral facades. The modified Silica-Sol / potassium silicate binder gives this product more flexibility regarding areas of application.
Manufactured according to the German standard for Mineral Silicate Paint, VOB/C DIN 18363 2.4.1.


BEECK Beeckosil is an extremely durable, single-component, ready-to-use historic quality silicate paint system with BEECK ASF® Active Silicate Formulation, delivering an economical solution for raw, uncoated and absorbent substrates both exterior and interior. BEECK Bonding Coat is required as a primer to use this product on previously painted surfaces.
Manufactured according to the German standard for Mineral Silicate Paint, VOB/C DIN 18363 2.4.1.


BEECK Concrete/Stone Glaze is a silicate Lazur/Glaze/Stain system for use on brick, concrete, stone and other masonry or mineral substrates, offering application design flexibility from completely opaque to almost transparent finishes. 
Manufactured according to VOB/C DIN 18363 2.4.1.