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Silicate paints are ideal for murals and other public art. Never fading or peeling, silicate paints offer unsurpassed durability to assure your artwork is around for decades to come. The fusion all natural and sustainable mineral pigments with the potassium silicate waterglass binder provides an attractive flat matte appearance yielding a depth and luminescence to artwork unmatched by modern acrylic or latex paints.  

BEECK has different systems to meet the needs of any artist:

  • BEECK Renosil is a completely opaque mineral silicate paint system that can be thinned with water up to 10%. This is the most popular product system.

  • BEECK Concrete/Stone Glaze is a pigmented mineral silicate stain / glaze that can be applied opaque or thinned indefinitely to any desired level of translucency with BEECK Base-V and applied as a color wash similar to a watercolor.

  • BEECK Universal Full Color silicate paints can be used when intense colors are desired or can be mixed with BEECK Renosil and BEECK Concrete/Stone Glaze in any amount to create an infinite range of colors.

Additionally we offer the historic 2-component silicate system, identical to what has been used for murals in Europe for over 100 years, comprised of powdered pigment and BEECK Fixative (pure waterglass). The 2-component silicate system was originally developed in the late 1800’s for the harshest environments of the Bavarian Alps in Germany using the fresco-secco technique as a durable alternative to traditional frescos. While the traditional 2-component system is used less frequently today, it is the most pure form of silicate paints and still appreciated by some craftsmen, restoration specialists and those who embrace historical painting techniques.  

For most typical applications, we recommend the following:

  1. Begin with one coat of BEECK Bonding Coat over the entire surface. Bonding Coat Fine is a smooth primer and is generally what we recommend for most projects. Bonding Coat Coarse is a textured primer and can help to smooth rougher surfaces, fill hairline cracks and other small imperfections.

  2. Apply two coats of the background color for the mural.

  3. Paint the remaining artwork in a minimum of two coats.

  4. Optional: Protect the mural against graffiti and other soiling with Naturacoat SC 20.

We offer mixed colors in quart sizes and larger. We have 200 standard colors but we can also match most major paint manufacturer’s colors as well. Please contact us for pricing and to order.  

Universal Full Tone Silicate Paint Colors:


Q: How much do I need to order for my project?
A: Depending on the substrate absorbency and texture, consumption can vary. Typically we see consumption between 250-300 sq.ft. per gallon per coat, although on extremely rough textured and/or absorbent substrates we have seen consumption as low as 100-150 sq.ft. per gallon per coat. NOTE: The consumption figures presented are only approximations from decades of experience. The only way to accurately calculate consumption is through an on-site trial application.