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Primers and Thinners

Prepare, improve, renovate - BEECK Silicate Primers and Thinners

BEECK Silicate Primers and Thinners offer a high-quality and reliable solution for all kinds of different problems and challenging substrates. 

The perfect base for a mineral coating. 
With cases of challenging substrates or tricky building physics, using the correct silicate primer can prepare the surface for optimum coating results. Whether you are looking to fill and bridge hairline cracks in your facade or simply improve the adhesion of your Mineral Silicate paint or stain, we have a Silicate Primer ideally suited for your needs. 

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Base V 5L.jpg

BEECK Base-V is a thinner/extender which is used as a universal primer and hardener for porous adsorbent substrates as well as for thinning Concrete/Stone Glaze to optimize the application consistency.

Bonding Coat Fine 1 Gallon.jpg

BEECK Bonding Coat Fine is a smooth universal primer coating for exterior and interior use as a silicification bridge on previously painted surfaces, mineral plasters, EFIS, gypsum board and GFRC. 

Bonding Coat Coarse 1 Gallon.jpg

BEECK Bonding Coat Coarse is a universal primer coating with a fine grained texture for use exterior and interior on previously painted surfaces as well as mineral plasters, EFIS, gypsum board and GFRC. 

Fixative 5kg.jpg

BEECK Fixative is a pure mineral binder used for thinning mineral silicate paints, consolidating mineral surfaces, equalizing surface properties before painting, as well as the pretreatment of chalking or sanding surfaces.

MBA-Fixative 5L.jpg

BEECK MBA-Fixative is a thinner for silicate Paints and Glazes and can be used as a primer and silicification agent.

BEECK Quartz Filler 20kg.jpg

BEECK Quartz Filler is a fiber-reinforced textured priming coat for use both exterior and interior to level out and visually equalize mineral substrates and to fill and bridge small cracks and minor surface defects. 
BEECK Quartz Filler can be used to transform a smooth surface into a stucco appearance. Quartz Filler is also ideal for refreshing/refinishing old stucco surfaces and filling crack. It is best applied by brush but can also be rolled. Always finish Quartz Filler with 2 coats of BEECK Mineral Silicate Paint.