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Renosil Projects

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Renosil Projects

Below is a list of projects where BEECK Renosil was used. For more information and photos of each project, simply click on the photo of the project or the button below each project's description.

Mojave Desert Dome-Style house

BEECK Renosil Fine was used during the façade restoration of this beautiful and unique dome-style home in Southern California’s Mojave Desert. After 2 coats of Renosil, all repairs were completely hidden and this sustainable natural lime plaster home was restored to its original splendor!

Apartments in Switzerland

Each separate apartment building in this complex was painted using a different color of BEECK Renosil. This apartment complex is located in Lenzburg, Switzerland.

Garden Wall Project

This garden wall, located in a coastal town, was looking for a durable breathable coating to equalize and change the color of the facade. BEECK Renosil in color C-310-2 was selected. The first coat was Renosil Coarse, followed by a finish coat of Renosil Fine. 

More projects coming soon