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Basic Brick Staining Kit

Basic Brick Staining Kit


The Basic Brick Staining Kit is an essentials-only version of the Professional Brick Staining Kit and includes one Quart of BEECK Concrete / Stone Glaze in White, one Quart of Base-V as well as one 4oz of Black, Ultra Blue, Ochre Yellow and Oxide Red Universal Full Color silicate paints. For larger volumes of any of the products included in this kit, please contact us for trade pricing.

With this kit, the possibilities are limitless. The white Concrete / Stone Glaze can be combined in any quantity with the Universal Full Color silicate paints to achieve any color you desire. Concrete / Stone Glaze can be thinned indefinitely with a solution of Base-V and water to be applied as a stain or glaze with your desired level of translucency or can be applied unthinned for an opaque appearance. No matter how it is applied, Concrete / Stone Glaze has an attractive and desirable mineral matte finish. If necessary, a solution of Base-V and water can be used as a clear primer. Please see the Concrete/Stone Glaze TDS document for detailed application instructions.

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