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Concrete / Stone Glaze - White

Concrete / Stone Glaze - White

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BEECK Concrete/Stone Glaze White is available in 1 Gallon, 4 Gallon and 1 Quart (32oz) sizes. BEECK Concrete/Stone Glaze is also available in all of our 200 standard colors and custom color matching is available - Please contact us for pricing.
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BEECK Concrete/Stone Glaze is a Silicate Pigmented Mineral Stain/Glaze/Lazur system for use on stone, brick, concrete and other masonry or mineral substrates. Offering application design flexibility from completely opaque to almost transparent finishes, this product produces a natural looking mineral finish which can be used to blend colors or change colors without making the surface appear painted or coated. Concrete/Stone Glaze is thinned with a mixture of Base-V and water. The possibilities are almost limitless. Please refer to the Concrete/Stone Glaze Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for complete application instructions.

Manufactured according to the German standard VOB/C DIN 18363 2.4.1.

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Concrete/Stone Glaze Technical Data Sheet: CLICK HERE FOR PDF

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