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Powdered Pigment

Powdered Pigment

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BEECK Powdered Pigments are pure natural mineral pigments - ZERO organic content. Completely lightfast, stable to UV, will never fade. Highly alkaline-resistant and suitable for use in a variety of binders including silicate (BEECK Fixative), lime fresco, limewash, egg tempura, linseed oil, casein, gum arabic (watercolors), distemper, acrylics, cement, beeswax glaze and more. These pigments are of the same historic quality used by artists, artisans, craftspeople and painters alike for centuries, providing an intensity, luminosity and depth of color that is simply unmatched by most typical ready-made artist paints.

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  • Resistant to alkaline solutions and acids as well as organic solvents

  • Maximum colorfastness, in any saturation, including as full color (class A1 colorfastness)

  • Unsurpassed durable pigment integration and weathering resistance

  • VOC Content: 0g / L

  • Country of origin: Germany

  • Non-toxic and sustainably sourced

  • Nonflammable (class A1 nonflammable)

  • Powder component for BEECK Pure Crystalline Finish system; pure silicate paint to German VOB/C DIN 18363 2.4.1 standard

  • Free from solvents, biocides and preservatives


  • White (C-102)

  • Ochre Yellow (C-651)

  • Umber (C-652)

  • Brown (C-653)

  • Oxide Red (C-654)

  • Black (C-655)

  • Green (C-656)

  • Ultra Blue (C-657)

  • Lemon Yellow (C-658)

  • Cobalt Blue (C-659)

  • Wine Red (C-660)

  • Maize Yellow (C-661)

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